We offer avocados year-round straight from our trees in Michoacán, Mexico.

Avocado Sizes

Avocados are sized into categories based on the weight of each fruit and then packed and subsequently named according to the number of each size category that fit into a 25 lb carton. For example, a “size 60” refers to a size category where 60 avocados are packed into a 25 lb box. This means that the larger the size, the less fruit will be in the given carton. For more information, reference the graphic and table below.

Size 28 32 36 40 48 60 70 84
Weight 13.75 – 15.70 oz 11.75 – 14.00 oz 10.50 – 12.50 oz 9.50 – 11.50 oz 7.50 – 9.50 oz 6.25 – 7.50 oz 4.75 – 6.25 oz 3.75 – 4.75 oz

At Urapa Produce, we grow, package, and distribute sizes 32 through 84 across the United States.

Avocado Grade

While the quality does not differ, avocados are graded as either #1 or #2. A #1 avocado will have little no no visible scarring and is typically what you will find in the bigger box grocery stores across the Unites States. #2 avocados might be found in smaller produce markets and are also commonly used in food production and restaurants.